2CC Gemeinschaftsausgabe 2015 "30 Jahre EU-Flagge"


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Two-euro coins with a commemorative design enter circulation
  • The two-euro coin commemorating 30 years of the flag of the European Union is being issued into circulation in Estonia on 10 December
  • The commemorative coin is a two-euro circulating coin with a special design. The coin dedicated to the European Union flag is a joint commemorative coin, which means it is issued in all the countries of the euro area
  • For the first time it will be possible to get BU quality finishes of the coin in Estonia
On 10 December, Eesti Pank will release a circulating two-euro coin that has a special design on it dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the flag of the European Union.

The two-euro coin dedicated to the European Union flag is a joint commemorative coin, which means it is issued in all the countries of the euro area. Estonia is one of the last countries in the euro area to issue the coin.

In all, 350,000 of the coins are being issued, of which 3500 have a high-quality finish and are intended for collectors. The coin is being minted in the Lithuanian Mint.

Collectable versions of the coin come in brilliant uncirculated finish in a presentation capsule with an explanatory leaflet, and 3500 of these will be issued at a price of seven euros each.

The commemorative coins can be bought individually, in rolls or in the collectable form from the Eesti Pank museum shop at Estonia pst 11 from 12.00 on 10 December.

The 30th anniversary of the adoption of the European flag by the European Council and the 60th anniversary of its adoption by the Council of Europe fell in June 2015.

The design of the new euro coin was chosen by euro area residents voting online between five different designs. The designs had been submitted in a competition organised by the European Commission by residents of the euro area.

The winning design was by Georgios Stamatopoulos of the Greek central bank.

The design on the national side of the two-euro coin is the same in all the countries of the euro area, but there is a different national symbol and edge text for each issuing country. The Estonian coin bears the word EESTI and EESTI on the edge vertically and inverted. It should be noted that for technical reasons the height of the letters and symbols in the edge text is slightly smaller than on the earlier two-euro circulation coins.

Quelle: Eesti Pank

Coincard Estland
Auflage: 3.500
Ausgabepreis: 7,00 €
Info der Eesti Pank by Mail:

The specially designed two-euro coins are no longer available from Eesti Pank

The two-euro circulation coin with the special design that was issued by Eesti Pank on 10 December is no longer in stock at the shop or online shop of the Eesti Pank Museum. Coins can be received now as they circulate with other currency.

There has been a lot of interest within Estonia in the coin and the coin packs with 25 uncirculated coins in each have now sold out. Coins can be received individually in change from the museum shop, other shops or elsewhere in normal circulation.

Eesti Pank would like to thank those who waited in queues outside the museum shop for their patience and understanding.

Eesti Pank will be completing some orders from European wholesalers in the week ahead, but will not be doing so in full because interest in Estonia was so high.

Two-euro coins on a souvenir presentation card are still available from the museum shop. The presentation card costs €7 and up to five can be bought at once.

The next two-euro circulation coin with a special design is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Paul Keres and will be issued on 7 January. Further information will be published on the Eesti Pank website.

More on the commemorative coin for 30 years of the European Union flag

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Laut Zahlungsaufforderung aus Malta .
Meine vier Exemplare in PP-Ausführung sind endlich wohlbehalten angekommen.
Da ist ja schon alleine die Verpackung eine Augenweide. :)
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