2€CC Gemeinschaftsausgabe Baltische Staaten "100 Jahre Unabhängigkeiten 2018" (LV009, EE005))

Entwürfe für die Münze. Wer will kann nun das beste Entwürf auswählen auf dieser Website.



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Ich dachte immer schlimmer als das Strichmänchen zur WWU-Gemeinschaftsausgabe ginge es nicht mehr. Schaue ich mir aber den obersten Entwurf an, habe ich mich wohl geirrt.

Voting ended on 6 April. The results of the vote and winners of the prize draw will be published on 11 April.

Eesti Pank, Latvijas Banka and Lietuvos bankas thank everyone who voted for their favourite coin design.

The vote has ended | Baltic coin
  • The common Baltic two-euro coin will feature the design by Lithuanian designer Justas Petrulis

  • The coin design of the Baltic sisters with plaited hair by the Lithuanian designer Justas Petrulis received the most votes, with 4 277
  • In total, 14 302 people from all over Europe and from almost every continent took part in the online vote
  • The two-euro coin with the winning design will be minted in all three Baltic states
  • The one hundred winners of the prize draw are published on the balticcoin.eu website
The online vote for the design of the two-euro coin dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Baltic states ended on 6 April. The winning design received 30% of the votes and depicts the common past, present and future of the Baltic states as one single braid. The creator is young Lithuanian designer Justas Petrulis, who designed a coin for the first time.

The winning design will be on the two-euro coin issued by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but the word “Baltics” will be replaced on each coin by the name in the national language of the country issuing it, Eesti, Latvija or Lietuva.

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