2€CC Monaco 2024 "500 Jahre Vertrag von Burgos mit Karl V." (MC014)

Die Unterzeichnung der Verträge von Burgos (7. Juni 1524) und Tordesillas (15. November 1524) markieren auch zwei mögliche Ausgabedaten für die Münze.

Genauere Informationen zu den Verträgen findet man auf der englischen Seite von Wikipedia. Hier ein kleiner Auszug:

The Treaty of Tordesillas signed on November 15, 1524 ratified the treaty of Burgos signed on June 7, 1524, between the Lord of Monaco and the House of Habsburg. The treaty placed Monaco under the protection of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, as an imperial fief. As a consequence, the Lord of Monaco became subservient to Charles as his vassal and it was the beginning of some sort of Imperial and Spanish protectorate over Monaco.[2]

Thus, the Lord of Monaco was required to give feudal homage, but Lucien I of Monaco requested that requirement be removed from the treaty and obtained for the final proclamation of November 1524 to recognize the autonomy of Monaco.[3]


The Treaty of Burgos and the refusal of feodality​

In June 1524, Leonard Grimaldi was sent as by Augustine Grimaldi as his procurator to Sapin to negotiate with the imperial chancery.

A treaty was signed in Burgos on June 7, which stipulated not only the imperial protection granted to Monaco but its first article stipulated that the Lord of Monaco and his heirs should pay tribute to the Emperor thus transforming a mere protection into a vassality as form of protectorate.[6] Despite his fragile position in the negotiation, Augustine Grimaldi firmly protested this disposition. Augustinecould count on the support of the constable of Bourbon, whom he helped continuously as the imperial forces retreated from Provence and heroically resisted in the port of Marseille.

The Treaty of Tordesillas and the consecration of the freedom of Monaco​

On November 15, 1524, the treaty of Burgos was ratified in Tordesillas which included the protection of Augustine Grimaldi and explicitly mentioned that Monaco was absolutely independent from any superior powers, with any contrary disposition being void. The Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain considered the Lord of Monaco as his "friend".[7]

Through this alliance, a pension was given to Monaco in times of war and a garrison would be recruited and paid for by the Emperor to protect it as a visible sign of the "imperial immediacy" on Monaco.[8] Indemnities would be given for any goods seized by the Kingdom of France in retaliation. Finally, the constable of Bourbon would oversee the transfer of properties from Barthélémy Doria to the House of Grimaldi. Various privileges were obtained for the Lord of Monaco to obtain ecclesiastical benefits from Sardinia and Sicily.

On April 10, 1525, Augustine Grimaldi ratified by way of sealed letters patent an act, which, for the next 118 years, would place Monaco in the orbit of Habsburg politics.
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