Selling a collection

Hello everyone,
It seems that the foreign visitors -forum is quite inactive, but I hope someone would read this :)

I have gathered a small collection of coins and banknotes during recent years (mainly circulated money, only few in aUNC/UNC!), but now I'm thinking about selling all - it's a matter of having too many things to do and having no time :(

There are just a bit over 1500 coins and app. 160-170 banknotes, from following countries:
- Germany 1933-1945
- Austria-Hungary 1867-1918
- Soviet Union 1921-1991
- Finland 1864-2001
- Kingdom of Italy 1861-1945

Due to fairly limited time that I have availble, I really would not want to sell my coins and notes in eBay piece-by-piece, rather I'd like to sell these in larger sets, preferably all together. So, I'd love to hear your suggestions about where to sell my collection (Auction Houses? Dealers?)? All suggestions and advices would be highly welcomed.

Surely, if some of you guys know good dealers (not the sleazy cheating ones :D), who might be interested to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to give me their website address!!

Hello -JJ- ! :)

If your collection has a great value, you may to an Auction House. But this will cost you a lot of dues and there are better solutions in my opinion. If you don't want to do a single eBay auction for every coin, you still can splitt your collection up into specific topics (like you sad "Kingdom of Italy", "Germany" and so on) and make an eBay auction for every topic. You should make high-resolution photos and include them into your eBay auction.
This could be the best way to sell all your coins and banknotes, because dealers of course pay not that much money as you often can get on eBay.

Let's see, what the others think about this. ;)

This stuff will not be interesting for Auction Houses. Most of the professional dealers won't be interested, too.
As Der_Kaktus said, ebay will be right place to offer your coins.
Do the finish coins hold a top grade ? If so , and especially if your Finland collection includes gold, those items might be attractive for a floor auction.
Ok - as I thought, there is no easy and quick way to sell a whole collection, at least if one wants to get at least a decent price.

The problem in splitting the collection and selling in smaller lots is the problem with time - one of my main reasons for ever thinking about selling is the fact that I do not have time for numismatics anymore. If I do not have the time to collect, I do not think that I'd have the time to concentrate in selling it in smaller sets...:(

Oh well, I think the best thing to do is to store the collection and possibly continue later on, if I feel like it...

Thank you all for the answers!