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Looks like this is the supreme forum if one is interested in german coins. :) Im a collector myself and have been fascinated by german coins for a while now. Probably due to their often very beutifull designs but just as much due to Germanys history that makes interesting reading. I also collect scandinavian coins, which might be natural as Im from Sweden. My most recent purchases of german coins are some prussian mark coins from the reign of Wilhelm II. Im always amazed that german coins generaly hold such high quality compared to similar swedish designs and years. Is this due to a large and traditionaly interest for coin collecting in Germany perhaps? Anyway, just wanted to say hi!

And oh, I will hopefully manage to accomodate me in the german speaking parts of this forum aswell. Unfortunally I need to rely on a dictionary and some guessing to understand them, german and swedish has some similarities, but are there any rule against writing in english in thoose parts of the forum?
Good morning Mr. Berg,

at first I want to send you a warm welcome from our usership.
Please feel free and write in english - there aren´t any rules against it.
If you need any help with the german language or the comprahension
of a thread, you can send me a mail or personal message.
Thank you for your warm welcoming Don Corleone. :) Im sure I will learn alot of new and interesting things about german coins here.

As for now I have a some numismatic litterature covering german coins from 1871 and on, but as I have a particular interest in 1700-century coins, mostly during the times of the swedish regent of Christina, I have also taken an interest of foreign, such as german, coins from this time period. Is there any website availible which could give references to german coins during this time-period?
Hello J.Berg,

I'm sure, you're welcome in this forum. We also have a special rubric for Euro-coins , where you can find informations all about the new currency.

Last but not least we have a rubric for world-coins (foreign coins) You can search for informations about coins all over the world there. Of course we are pleasured for informations about swedish coins in this rubric.

You can see - there are much more informations in this forum - not only german coins.

Have a lot fun here
hej och välkommen!

Om Du behöver nån hjälp, erbjudandet finns!
Bara skicka ett meddelande - gärna på svenska.

Lycka till

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Thank you Oberlandler; och tack för erbjudandet pcf. :)

Ska se om jag kan ge mig ut och "botanisera" i forumet nu. :)
J.Berg schrieb:
Thank you Oberlandler; och tack för erbjudandet pcf. :)

Ska se om jag kan ge mig ut och "botanisera" i forumet nu. :)

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