Monaco BU set in original plastic .

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Like many people i am new to collecting coins, because i started to collect the euro coins.
Now i have a question, and maybe somebody with more experience in collecting coins has the answer.
I have a Monaco 2001 BU set that is still in it's original plastic (folie). Does somebody have an example from a set in the past (before euro) where you can see the difference in value between a set in plastic and a set where this is taken of ?
And another qustion: what do you think the difference in value woult be with this Monaco set ?

(p.s. you can answer in German)
Well, I think there is really no difference,
why the hell the f****** Folie should
make any difference. :D

Of course there might be 3 or let´s say 4 collectors
in the world who are "BU only with plastic collectors",
but this is like a marriage where the husband
offends seeing his wife or vice versa:


Ich heirate eine Frau nur, wenn ich sie
vorher bitteschön nicht gesehen habe"

oder eben:

"Ich sammle nur eingeschweißte Münzen,
die ich noch nie gesehen habe...."

Now this coin-collecting-policy would be kind of weired,
bei Frauen ist es im Prinzip ziemlich egal und macht
letztlich keinen Unterschied, aber bei Münzen sehr wohl!!!!
:D :D

Best, Michael