Help with a problem

Last February I made an order with Muntplaats ( [best viewed on 1024x768 or higher as resolution]). I ordered several coins by INSURED mail. I made a bank transfer to them and waited for the parcel. In April, as I have no notice from the coins, I asked to Muntplaats about my order. They reply that they were moving to a new office and they asked to me I will wait until the end of April. After a lot of e-mails asking for my order I got an e-mail from Muntplaats saying that the parcel was returned to them and sent again. At the beginning of June I got another e-mail from Muntplaats (after several e-mail from me) in which they told me about lot of problems with parcels to Spain!. At the beginning of July I sent to Muntplaats another e-mail, and others at the end of July, and the end of August.
At the end of August I got an e-mail from Muntplaats in which they told me they will check with the post. In October I got an e-mail in which they told me they have no news from the post office. In November another e-mail saying they will give a solution to my problem at middle November. Since then, I have no notice from Muntplaats.

The order was made one year ago. The postage was paid as INSURED. I have no response from the dealer since the beginning of November.
I though Muntplaats was a serious dealer but his response has been very bad.

My question is: Have I any option to get my coins or to recover my money? Any suggestion?


Jose M. Quintana
To be honest, I have experienced the similar problems with other known European auction companies.. Sometimes it is the auction company, sometimes the local post offices.. Perhaps you can go to post office and inform them that you are waiting for an important package..
Tell him/her you want your money back und he/she can keep his/her money