Denomination nun auch in Rumänien???!!!???


Ich habe mitbekommen, dass die Rumänen (nun endlich auch,...ähhm ich meine nach so vielen Jahren) planen ein paar Nullen, genau gesagt 4, von den Scheinen zu streichen.

Der Super-Leu (Pl.: Lei) mit Untereinheit Ban/Bani soll 2005 kommen.

Weiß da jemand mehr drüber oder gibts schon konkrete Infos wie die Dinger aussehen sollen?

Wie machen die das dann mit dem Kurs: 1 neuer ROL = 1 EUR???

Hier eine Info:

“Hard ROL” to be introduced in 2005
Specialist of Romania’s Central Bank (BNR) are currently working together
with Finance Ministry specialist on the denomination of the local currency,
the leu (ROL), which will be performed in early 2005, Finance Minister Mihai
Tanasescu reported this month. The value of new ROL, also known as the “hard ROL”, has not been disclosed yet, but Tanasescu insisted that this is a
needed measure to prepare Romania for a switchover to the single European
currency in 2009-2010.

We have not decided if three or four zeros are to be cut. I only know that Turkey is contemplating cutting off six zeros from its local currency
starting the next year,” said Tanasescu.

The new ROL will be in circulation at least one year before becoming legal
tender and at the same time with the current ROL, said Tanasescu.

On the other hand, the minister said BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu’s statement about the introduction of a new bank bill worth ROL 1m is backed by the Government.

Isarescu this month announced that the new bill will start circulating in
the first part of 2004. Tanasescu yesterday explained that the new bill will
have a positive effect on the monetarisation degree of the Romanian economy.
“The introduction of the new banknote will in no way trigger inflationary
effects as some media is trying to accredit. The effects will be contrary to
such speculations,” said Tanasescu. On the other hand, the minister
explained that an unwritten law of the economy says a new banknote is needed where the value of the highest local currency banknote falls to below 30 USD. The highest priced bill currently in use is the ROL 500,000 bill (worth
nearly 14 Euro).

2004 budget - one of continuing economic growth

One day ahead Parliament’s plenary discussions of the draft 2004 Finance
Law, Tanasescu stated that the budget is constructed with economic growth in
the mind as well as further cuts in inflation and improving social security.

The main arguments used by the minister read a rise in expenditures for
investments from 5.1% of the GDP in 2003 to 5.5% of the GDP in 2003, gross
capital formation standing at 13% of the GDP compared with 10.5% in
2003,non-inflationary sources for deficit financing as well as increasing
the allocations for social security, including an additional ROL 5,000bn for
child protection and additional funds to cover the rises in farmer’s

Also included in the draft is a significant cut in rates and taxes, thank to
what Tanasescu said was revenues increasing by the month as financial
discipline strengthens.

IMF arrangement might be signed by winter holidays

In the event the negotiations with the IMF - which are continuing in the
present and which will continue also next week - will be successful, the new
arrangement with the IMF, of “precautionary stand-by” type, might be signed
before the winter holidays, said Finance Minister Mihai Tanasescu. The new
arrangement will include a plan of measures on the restructuring of mining
and rail sectors, but Tanasescu could not offer figures regarding the number
of people to be made redundant or the costs of restructuring.

Gov’t renounces eurobond issue

The Finance Ministry will not re-open the eurobond issue launched in June on
the foreign markets, although it was authorised by the Government, since the
budget expenditures are covered by the year-end, relevant Minister Mihai
Tanasescu said this month. “Latest evaluations show that, after the budget
rectification, the expenditures by the year-end will be covered, mainly from
foreign sources, so that we won’t have to go again on the capital market,”
said Minister Tanasescu.
According to him, Romania will continue however to take loans from the
foreign capital markets, as a new issue of 1 bn Euro will be launched next
year. The June issue was brokered by the banks JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank,
Citigroup and UBS Warburg, for a 7-year period and an interest rate of

Budget will not be voted by Opposition

The leaders of PD-PNL Alliance - the main force of the Parliamentary
Opposition, announced that they would not vote the draft of the state budget
law for 2004, estimating that PSD has superficially approached the debates
in the relevant Commissions of Parliament. The point of view of the Alliance
is backed also by the Greater Romania Party, which announced as early as the
past week that their MPs would not vote the budget law. Asked how he
comments the decision of the parliamentary Opposition to vote against in the
debates on the budget in the plenum, Tanasescu said that the Opposition is
“free to vote as it pleases” and reminded that in the recent budget
rectification, the Opposition voted against, but “the draft law was endorsed


WAS MEINT IHR???? :confused:
Eine weitere Meldung

Also doch: Parlament gibt grünes Licht für die Lei-Re-Denomination!!!

Romanian MPs Give Green Light to Leu Re-Denomination

Bucharest, 2004 - Romania's lawmakers from the lower house of the parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, gave their approval on Tuesday to a draft bill that will cut four zeroes off Romanian banknotes from July 1, 2005, in a move to push to stability and decrease inflation in the country.

Romanian officials had said earlier that the planned re-denomination will also cut bookkeeping and handling costs for local banks and traders.

In a move to ease the transition, the MPs added an amendment requiring all shopkeepers to list prices both in "old" and re-denominated lei from March 2005 to end-June 2006, local news channel Realitatea TV reported.

Although the costs of the re-denomination are yet unclear, the preparations for the move will take twelve months, central bank governor Mugur Isarescu said after the cabinet gave its approval last month.

Current banknotes will remain in circulation for twelve months after the re-denomination, and new bills with denominations ranging from five to 500 will be introduced at the same time, he added.

The re-denomination will bring back into circulation the leu's subdivision, the ban, a unit that rapidly disappeared from circulation in the beginning of the 1990s amid galloping inflation.

EU hopeful Romania still has one of the highest inflation rates in southeastern Europe, at 14.1 percent in 2003, but hopes to lower it to 9.0 percent this year. The cumulative 3.0 percent inflation for the first five months of the year shows the country well on track to achieve the target.

Romania's cash in circulation stood at 63.788 trillion Romanian lei ($1.9 billion/1.57 billion euro) at end-April, but BNR saw it rising to 80 trillion lei by November.

Source: SeeNews

Aktuelles zur Denomination in RO am 01/06/2005:

Hier sind die relevanten Infos der rumänischen Nationalbank, aber leider nur in rumänisch:

Weitere aktuelle Infos zu diesem Thema in diesem Thread reingestellt.
(ähnlich wie bei der Lira-Changeover in der Türkei!!!).

...aber keine sorge - der Countdown beginnt erst 10 Tage vorher!!! :D :D

=> siehe auch bei den Geldscheinen:

=> und unter:
In der Präsentation von Governor Mugur Isărescu werden die wesentlichen Punkte der Denomination aufgeführt:

- Umrechnungskurs
- Etappen der Umstellung
- Notwendigkeit und Gründe für die Umstellung
- Kosten- Nutzenabwägungen
- Banknotennominale
- Münznominale
- technische daten der Scheine und Münzen (Größe, etc.)
=> besonders interessant dürfte da Seite 15 sein, wo die Größe der neuen Noten mit den Euronoten abgebildet wird: sie werden gleich groß sein!!!
- organisatorische Maßnahmen
- Schlussfolgerungen

siehe auch pdf file im Anhang!


In der Präsentation von First Deputy Governor Florin Georgescu werden folgende Themen angesprochen:

- Übergang auf die neue währung - road map
- Übergangsregelungen
- elektronisches Geld (Umstellung)
- Implikationen für die sonstigen wirtsch. Akteuere, neben der ZB
- Implikationen für den Bankensektor
- Schlussfolgerungen

siehe auch pdf file im Anhang


In der Präsentation von Deputy Governor Eugen Dijmărescu werden diese Punkte aufgeführt:

- Denomination im Kontext makroökonomischer Stabilität
- Empirie: Inflation der letzten Jahre: RO im Vergleich mit Bulgarien, Polen,
Kroatien, Russland und der Ukraine
- Empirie II: Macrostabilität in PL und BG
- Erfolge der Denom. in Argentinien und Brasilien (?)
- Infaltionskennzahlen
- Übergangsregelungen der genannten Staaten im Vergleich
- Geldstruktur der Staaten (Nominale)
- Gegenwert des jeweils kleinsten (alt und neu) Nominals in Euro
=> demnach wird 1 neuer Leu ca. .25 Eurocents wert sein.

siehe auch pdf file im Anhang




Nach längerer Zeit ohne neue Infos geht es jetzt mit großen Schritten in Richtung RON - der neuen rumänischen Währung.

Dazu erschienen ist noch einemal eine Zusammenfassung voriger geposteter Präsentationen und neue Eckdaten zum informationsbegleitenden Übergang des RON.

Es geht darin im Wesentlichen um:

* rechtliche und gesetzliche Bestimmungen,
* den Etappen der Denomination,
* Vergleich der alten und neuen Währung (1 RON = 10,000 ROL alt),
* Größe der neuen Noten (= den Euronoten),
* 1/10 Ron Flachdruck, 50-500 Tiefdruck ALLE auf Polymer,
* Vorteile des Polymersubstrats,
* Vergleich alter und neuer Münzen (Grüße, Nom.wert, etc.),
* Ankündigung weitere Info-Kampagnen

=> am 20. April werden die neuen Scheine und Münzen vorgestellt!!!

und letztlich die Schlussfolgerungen.

Weitere Details in angehängter pdf Datei!


RON Website

Es gibt nun, ähnlich wie in der Türkei, eigens eine eigene Internetseite für den RON.

Alle aktuellen Infos gibt es unter:

Die Seite ist in rumänisch UND englisch gehalten, wobei die rumänische Seite derzeit mehr aktuelle Informationen, u.a. media releases, etc. aufweist.

Viel Spass beim Lesen und dran denken:

=> am 20. April werden die neuen Scheine und Muenzen vorgestellt!!!
Hier sind sie nun die neuen rumänischen Scheine und Münzen!!!

Alles unter


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RON Teil 1

Hier sollen nochmal alle Scheine im Großformat und jeweils einzeln vorgestellt werden:


Zunächst der neue 1 RON Schein (=10,000 alte Lei)
Größe entspricht dem 5 Euro Schein (120x62 mm)


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