Collector in the United States

Good evening,

I'm from the United States. I have joined the forum to try and get more information on my German coin collecting. I unfortunately do not speak or write in German, but I hope Google translate can help me understand people. I am interested in all types of German coins, but the bulk of my collection Focuses on the FRG and the Empire. I can always try to help people with US coins.
Hello and welcome here.

Hope you will get helpful informations. :)
Welcome to the forum! :) And no worries: I'm pretty sure you won't need Google's translator since a lot of people here speak English very well. ;)
Hello and welcome to this forum.
I'm a member of cointalk, the US pendant of this forum and collect US an German coins.
Please tell us something about you, where do you live an which coins do you search for.
Hi! Thanks for the cointalk tip to thorsten.d - really interesting. I am visiting Las Vegas in june and will try to get in contact with a person selling 90% or 40% coins. Also I will try to get some rolls for searching. Which Bank shall I ask? I could try a box 250$ halves. Welcome to